ApplianceServ Wording

General Operative Clause

This agreement will provide cover for your appliances and electronics mechanical breakdown following the occurrence of such an event. This policy is subject to the general conditions, exclusions and definitions.

General Conditions

1. Period of cover

The benefit period is one calendar year, starting on inception of contract, and the benefit does not accumulate.

2. Waiting periods

There is a 1-month waiting period before you qualify for service and one (1) payment must be received by us.

3. Payment of premiums

The agreement is a monthly agreement and the premium is payable on the deduction dates as stated on the application form.

Your ApplianceServ premiums will be deducted from your bank account every month/ year for your convenience. If the agreement is cancelled, we will not refund any payments made by you.

If we do not receive the premiums for your ApplianceServ product, on the deduction date as stated on the certificate, you will not have any cover under the agreement.

If the premium is not received for 3 (three) consecutive months, your membership will immediately be cancelled without notification.


By either party by giving one month’s notice.

Notice must be given in writing and e-mail to

Limit of Indemnity

ApplianceServ covers maximum of up to R 1500.00 per incident, per annum with a maximum of (2) two incidents per year and a limit of R 3000.00 per annum

We do not pay for repairs without authorization.

We do not pay for losses or inconvenience due to delays or missed appointments.

We do not pay for consequential losses.

Any item that is older than 10 years old or falls under a warranty or extended warranty

Appliances/ electronics covered

Fridges & freezers

Washing machines

Tumble Driers


Stoves and ovens only if complete function is lost – if one or more plates are working, it is not deemed an emergency repair

TV’s, DVD’s, Hi-Fi’s and VCR’s.

What is not covered

Damages to cosmetic parts. This means parts that do not affect the operation of the appliance

Repairs to items damaged due to theft, rust, fire and ordinary wear and tear

Service only covers your product within South Africa.

Any defect, fault or damage caused by removal or by misuse, negligence or otherwise than in the course of the proper normal use and operation of the Unit as recommended by the manufacturer’s manual and/or insect infestation, rodent damage.

Acts of God including lightening or electrical surge.

Consumable or replaceable items which shall include but not be limited to batteries and cosmetic items such as covers and frames or devices connected to the product such as external mouse, keyboard, speakers, printers, scanners, etc.

We exclude any defect, fault or damage to the Unit which existed or occurred prior to the date of commencement of the contract which were known or should reasonably have been known to the customer.

We exclude after hour collections.

A repair covered by a manufacturer's original warranty or recall program or within 90 days after the manufacturer has effected a repair;

ApplianceServ shall endeavour to use all reasonable means to repair customer’s units however we reserves the right to return the unit to the customer unrepaired in the event that spare parts are not available or easily attainable and/or the condition of the product is such that it is uneconomical to repair due to age, outdated technology or damage.

We exclude software issues, application programming, isolation of coding errors, performance consulting, the provision of peripheral drivers, or data recovery.

We do not provide support for Products to which modifications have been made.

Repairs necessary due to fair normal usage.

Damage caused whilst been moved.

Incidents not attended to, will not be considered after any repair.

Repairs outside the domestic dwelling/ Office premises are not included, i.e. office premises, public buildings, outbuildings not attached to the main building, etc. If the appliance is still under warranty,

it will be referred to the manufacturer for repairs.

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